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We are looking for forward-thinking partners to help us shape the future of digital payments, loyalty and customer engagement. If you are developing or managing a marketplace, a game with an in-game economy or another solution featuring an in-app economy, we want to hear from you.

Pilot program

Why partner with Kiip?

Be at the forefront of payment innovation and enhance your platform with Kiip’s advanced solutions.

Innovative payment solutions

Be among the first to adopt advanced payment and loyalty functionalities that distinguish your platform and enhance user experience.

Seamless integration

Your insights will help shape Kiip’s development, ensuring the solutions perfectly align with your needs without requiring heavy lifting on your part.

Reduced costs, increased revenue

Significantly reduce transaction fees and discover new revenue streams through innovative loyalty programs and efficient payment processing.

Expert support

Our team provides expert guidance and support from integration to launch, ensuring a smooth transition and successful deployment.

Transform your payment system with Kiip: Join our exclusive pilot program!

Are you building the next generation of in-app economies? Whether crafting a bustling marketplace or an immersive game world, Kiip understands your challenges. The current payment landscape hinders innovation, but with our cutting-edge platform, you can lead a revolution.

Why be a Kiip pilot partner?

  • Unmatched cost savings: Enjoy transaction fees as low as 1%, significantly boosting profitability. Limited-time offer: Waived integration and monthly fees for the first year!
  • New revenue streams: Unlock new revenue opportunities through Kiip’s innovative payment solutions, enabling you to monetize transactions in ways traditional systems can’t.
  • Effortless integration and growth: Our user-friendly platform integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure, scaling effortlessly to handle explosive user growth. Our development team ensures a smooth process.
  • Shape the future of payments: Influence Kiip’s development with your feedback, tailoring the platform to suit loyalty programs or frictionless in-game payments.
  • Future-proof technology: Stay at the forefront with Kiip’s cutting-edge solutions.

What sets us apart

  • New company, big dreams: Our passionate team of experts, with decades of combined experience, is dedicated to building the future of payments.
  • Supportive integration: Our team provides exceptional, accessible, personalized support for our pilot partners to ensure your success.
  • Seamless user experience: Kiip ensures a smooth payment process for your users, whether browsing your marketplace or making in-game purchases.

Shared beliefs and building a legacy

We believe in a collaborative approach and a world where payments are not a burden but an opportunity to connect with users and create rewarding experiences.

Act now! Limited spots are available in the Kiip pilot program. Join us and lead the payment revolution. Contact us today to learn how Kiip can empower your business!

We are specifically looking for businesses using EUR or USD for payments.

Join the pilot program today

Become a pioneer in payment innovation. Contact us to learn more about the Kiip pilot program and start your journey toward a more profitable and user-friendly platform.