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The payment solution that empowers your users to store and transfer anything inside your app.

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Cut transaction costs, engage customers and transfer anything!

The solution for marketplaces, reselling platforms, loyalty programs, mobile games and any platform where users transact value.

Cut costs

Reduce transaction fees and operational expenses. Kiip enables direct, cost-effective payments and transfers.

Engage your customers

Process payments without interrupting your user and boost customer loyalty with integrated reward programs.

Global reach

Global or local, transactions are a breeze with Kiip. Our platform ensures your business connects, secures, and expands effortlessly, everywhere.

Ownership certificates

Ownership certificates are digital representations of your things. A receipt with an always up-to-date ownership record. To resell your thing by selling your certificate.

A revolution

No counterparty risk
No custodial risk

With Kiip, users keep full control over their digital assets, like money and ownership certificates.

Unlike traditional solutions, Kiip's innovative approach uses blockchain technology to ensure users maintain autonomy over their assets, no matter what happens to your business or Kiip itself. This is possible without your business having to hold assets on behalf of you customers. It's a new, simpler way of managing assets that puts users first.

Use cases

Read about how businesses use Kiip to innovate and cut costs.

Marketplaces and reselling platforms
Offline and online marketplaces reduce fees by enabling users to manage and securely store funds within their app or service - without expanding regulatory requirements.
Merchants can accept payments via Kiip and in the process issue ownership certificates.
Rewards programs
Let customers earn points on everything they purchase and allow them to use the points in their app, or if you prefer, let them exchange the points for other digital assets.
Mobile games
Mobile games issue their own coins that are used within the game and give players ownership of in-game items.
Crowdfunding platforms optimize payment processes, lower transaction fees and facilitate global expansion.

Easy integration

Simple to integrate, easy to use.

Integration solution

Kiip enables businesses to create in-app economies, utilize loyalty points and manage ownership certificates their app or service.

Business dashboard

A dashboard for managing and analyzing your integration.

Payment solutions

Kiip offers payment solutions that allow users to make purchases directly using bank cards or in-app assets.

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